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About Vanity

The start and end of my day, begins at my vanity. My vanity is the most magical place in the Universe and truthfully there are more special places, but my Vanity reflected the shine within me even when I didn’t see the shine. 

It is where I learned that imperfection was pure beauty, dreams came alive with hard work, and as ridiculous as it may be, add some color and do the unthinkable, unapologetic-ally!  

Who doesn’t like diamonds and pearls?!? Why be ordinary?!? This is my space and I claim it?!! I want diamonds on everything and I want them to shine like the whole Universe is mine!!! 

As a grown woman in the corporate industry, I sat in the mirror seeing a 7-year-old girl who never lost her love for pink, rhinestones, or her twisted lopsided sparkly crown.  

So one day I began to create and build my vanity, and I thought hey, I can not be the only woman who feels this way.   

I Introduce Vanity by D’Marie

Every piece is hand made, one of a kind and filled with love.  I hope you enjoy and love my pieces as much as I do. 

Every piece is created especially for you.  Thank you xoxox  


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